This Is Why You Recognize That Song in The Umbrella Academy Trailer

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There have been so many supernatural and superhero stories in pop culture lately, it's sometimes hard to keep up. But one new tale is getting some serious attention online — and not just because of the story.

The trailer for Netflix's upcoming series The Umbrella Academy dropped recently, and it's intriguing enough on its own. Its premise is the eerie stuff that sci-fi series are made of: 43 children are suddenly born to women who weren't even pregnant, and six of them, with supernatural abilities, are raised by a billionaire and eventually reunite to prevent the apocalypse that one of them glimpsed on an accidental time-travel trip. This high-concept series is enough to get people buzzing, but the punk-rock song that scores the trailer has caught plenty of attention itself.

The song that has everyone talking is the moody "A Hazy Shade of Winter." Originally recorded by Simon & Garfunkel, the 1966 song, written by Paul Simon, has been covered by other artists over the years — most famously, The Bangles covered it in 1987, ramping up the song's rock edge and altering its structure slightly. It's this version of the song that inspired Gerard Way, whose cover can be heard in the trailer for The Umbrella Academy.

It's fitting that Way would be the one doing the music for the trailer. After all, The Umbrella Academy is based on a comic book series that the My Chemical Romance singer cowrote with illustrator Gabriel Bá. Way's punk-emo cover of "A Hazy Shade of Winter" also features a few of his former bandmates: Ray Toro is credited as the guitarist and bassist, while Jarrod Alexander can be heard on the drums. You can listen to the song in The Umbrella Academy's trailer above!