16 Bizarre Things That Happen in Lifetime's Saved by the Bell Movie Teaser

A sneak peek of Lifetime's Saved by the Bell: The Unauthorized Story movie has been released, and it's every bit as nostalgic and ridiculous as you'd expect. The upcoming TV movie is partly based on Dustin Diamond's book about all the behind-the-scenes drama between the actors and actresses, but this week, Mark-Paul Gosselaar slammed the book, saying, "Everything I've heard about his book is it is negative. I don't remember those things. My experience on the show was very positive."

Whether or not the storylines have any truth to them, Lifetime's TV movie will certainly be a blast from the past for Saved by the Bell fans. And as for what happens in the sneak peek video, well, first, there are the awesomely '80s- and '90s-inspired outfits, which fans will recognize from some of the most iconic pictures of the cast. And second, there's the hair — where do we even begin? Watch the full teaser video above, and be sure to look out for some of these moments.

  1. Lisa side-eyes Kelly and Zack so hard.
  2. Zack awkwardly tickles Kelly.
  3. Lisa looks at Kelly and says, "Why does she have to be so flirty?"
  4. Jessie is supersweet and comforting with Lisa.
  5. Lisa purposely bumps into Kelly.
  6. Kelly halfheartedly fights back.
  7. Jessie gets fed UP with both of them.
  8. Slater drops down to do push-ups, because of course.
  9. Screech attempts to do push-ups alongside Slater.
  10. Zack literally shakes his head, way too cool for any of it.
  11. Screech calls Slater a prick.
  12. Jessie tells Slater he's sweaty and gross.
  13. Everyone yells at everyone.
  14. The director demands they all smile, so they do.
  15. Mr. Belding (?) says, "Well, the network didn't kill us. The hormones might."
  16. Oh, and "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe plays the whole time.