The Good, Bad, and Bloody Moments of The Vampire Diaries

Well, ding dong, the witch is dead! We've been waiting for this moment for years, it seems, and it's finally happened: Katherine Pierce is dead. We thought she was going to die a few episodes ago, but this week, she really, truly dies — and she has a spectacularly appropriate farewell. Lots of stuff does happen in this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, which makes me happy, because things had started to feel a little draggy. Maybe now with Katherine gone, we can move on to new, more exciting things, hopefully! Ready to break it all down? Keep reading to check out the good, the bad, and the bloody from this week.

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The Good

  • Katherine is dead! This is the moment we've been waiting for — and it takes the whole episode to get there, but who cares: Katherine, aka Kathlena, aka Katerina Petrova, is finally gone. Before we get to how it all happens, let's go over how we get there.
  • Nadia is suffering from Tyler's werewolf bite, and Katherine decides not to reach out to Klaus (who may not have helped anyway) for the cure, mostly because she will have been found out. Nadia's near-death hallucinations are pretty heartbreaking, given that they sort of just barely move Katherine. She does care enough to call on Dr. Maxfield, but he ends up being no help whatsoever to Nadia's cause.
  • As the gang starts putting the pieces of Katherine's residence in Elena's body together, Katherine gets suspicious when Caroline and Bonnie try to lure her to them too obviously. Damon fails her casual phone call test, and suddenly she knows that they they know and then they know that she knows! Got that?
  • The locator spell interlude didn't really need to be worked in, but it's funny to see Bonnie get so jealous over the crush that newbie witch Liv has on Jeremy. (Fun fact: the actress who plays Liv, Penelope Mitchell, is from another vampire show Hemlock Grove.) Jealous fits aside, is this a hint that Bonnie and Jeremy may experience some relationship drama soon? They kind of need it.
  • Damon is dying to get out of his chains and find Katherine, so he taunts Tyler until he attacks and then bites him. The best part of this? Tyler suggests Damon get out of town, and Damon asks "How's New Orleans this time of year?" Might this mean that Damon will be the next one to cross over to The Originals?
  • Once out, Damon disposes of Dr. Maxfield (read all about that later), which is also Nadia's last chance at survival. When Katherine talks to Stefan, he tells her she can run or come say goodbye to her daughter. Surprisingly, she chooses the latter, and when she shows up, she's almost enthusiastic about her goodbyes. It's a pretty good scene, but the best part is Stefan stabbing her as she kisses him, which I was practically begging him to do.
  • And it just gets better from there: Katherine goes to hell! Actual hell! At least, that's my interpretation of her inability to pass through Bonnie. She deserves hell; she's dragged pretty violently . . . this is all hell stuff, at least by pop culture standards.
  • Not to be all happy about death or whatever, but the body count of this week is three, and I'm so glad that all three — Katherine, Nadia, and Wes — are gone. Don't let the door hit you on the way to the other side!

The Bad

  • Ugh. Katherine couldn't just say her goodbyes and get the hell (pun intended) out of there? She has to leave one parting gift, which is to infect Elena with the ripper virus. This sucks, but I'm pretty sure we'll see her cured within a couple of episodes.

The Bloody

  • We've seen werewolf bites before, but have they all been as gnarly as Nadia's arm wound? It looked like eggplant parmesan, and now I won't be able to enjoy eggplant parmesan. Thanks.
  • I feel sorry for people who hate eyeball stuff, because that's what Damon has in mind for Dr. Maxfield's punishment. Thank you, Vampire Diaries, for at least cutting away before things got really dicey (I had to).