The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody of This Week's Vampire Diaries

On this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries, things get romantic for Stefan and Elena, only it's all fantasy. The doppelgängers are having romantic-comedy visions of each other, and we find out why they're getting them — and what it means for the travelers. Meanwhile, a few familiar faces return, and Elena has important postbreakup conversations with both of her exes. Ready to break it all down into the good, the bad, and the bloody?

The CW

The Good

  • I know the "vison-type situations" (thanks, Caroline) Stefan and Elena are having are a traveler side effect and a big problem for them, but aren't they pleasant? Elena and Stefan both have visions of a sweet life together, and we get to see them meeting, the first date, the proposal, and even them with kids! Maybe it would get boring quickly as a show, but like Elena, I kind of wanted to spend more time in that sweet little world.
  • Heeere's Markos. He's not the big bad villain I expected, but he does look uncannily like Dave Navarro. He shows up and tells Damon he's the reason for Stefan and Elena's visions, explaining that the easiest way to draw the doppelgängers together was to make them believe they were each other's true loves. So wait — the universe drawing Stefan and Elena together is just a spell? This sounds like good news for a Damon-and-Elena endgame.
  • But it also seems like good news for a Stefan-and-Elena endgame, because that sweet talk they have after realizing it was all a curse is encouraging too. They realize they fell in love of their own volition and tell each other they will always love each other. I don't know who I'm rooting for anymore!
  • I'm not really sure how I feel about Damon and Elena's final conversation. On the one hand, their awkwardness is getting annoying, so when Damon tells her he doesn't want to be her friend, it's sort of a relief. In real life, I'd tell this couple to take a break from each other and not try to be friends right away. But what does this mean for the show? I feel like they'll just keep dancing around each other until they inevitably get back together, right?
  • Matt's little side story on the Other Side is kind of boring, but I always love seeing a couple of old characters return; in this case, it's Vicki and Kol. Still lookin' good, Kol! And a hat tip to Bonnie's grams, too.
  • Good twist with Tyler being revealed as a traveler. But . . .

The Bad

  • I'm still so over the travelers, and the fact that Markos destroys the knife that kills them means they'll be around for a while more at least. So ready to move on to the next villain.

The Bloody

  • There's not too much blood this week, just talk of the doppelgänger blood. Oh, and lots of stabbing Matt. Poor Matt!