Ariana Grande Actually Listened When a Fan Shouted "Start Again, I Wasn't Recording"

Some stars hate it when fans use their phones to film live performances, but not Ariana Grande. If you needed any further proof that the singer is devoted to her fans: at a recent gig in LA, the singer restarted an entire song when a fan shouted, "Wait, start again, I wasn't recording!"

Ariana was belting out the opening lines of her song "Raindrops" when she realized what has been shouted from the crowd. Laughing, she repeated the request to the crowd, before confirming "I listen!" and doing exactly what was asked, starting the song from the beginning again. The fan immediately shared the video, which shows the epic reaction from him and those around him, but the real gem is a video captured from different part of the crowd, which shows the moments before as well. Unsurprisingly, the sweet video has gone viral, with plenty of people chiming in to say that they're now fans too, after seeing how much Ariana loves her Arianators. See the action from both angles ahead.