Vox Lux Might Be Natalie Portman's Most Insane Role Since Black Swan — Watch the Trailer

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Despite her diverse range of previous roles, we think it's safe to assume that we've never seen Natalie Portman portray a character quite like the one in Vox Lux. In the forthcoming film by actor-turned-director Brady Corbet, Portman is an out-of-this-world pop star named Celeste — think Lady Gaga meets Jem meets David Bowie — who is grappling with a teenage daughter, the aftermath of a traumatic accident, and a meddling manager, portrayed by Jude Law. What's more, the score will feature original songs by Sia.

The film begins with Celeste as a young teenager (Raffey Cassidy) in 1999, who deals with a violent tragedy by composing and performing a song at a classmate's funeral about her sad experience, which subsequently goes viral and catapults Celeste to stardom. Years later, the now 31-year-old Celeste (Portman) finds herself dealing with yet another act of horrifying violence, as well as plenty of high-profile scandals of her own making.

Vox Lux will hit theaters on Dec. 7, and it's already being considered an Oscars contender. Portman is no stranger to the esteemed award show and has personally been nominated three times for Closer, Jackie, and Black Swan, the latter of which earned her the award for best actress. If the dramatic trailer is any indication, Vox Lux could very well earn her a fourth nomination.

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