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Watch the Wendy Williams: The Movie Trailer

A Wendy Williams Movie Is Coming in 2021, and It Looks Absolutely Wild

Next year is already looking up thanks to the absolutely wild-looking Wendy Williams biopic on Lifetime. Wendy Williams: The Movie, which Williams executive produced herself, follows the daytime host's rise from a radio jockey to the icon and trailblazer she is today. By the looks of things, the folks at Lifetime aren't holding anything back, as the trailer alone covers Williams's battle with addiction, her husband's alleged infidelity, and the infamous 2017 Halloween costume debacle.

"I am here to stay. Wendy Williams is not going anywhere," star Ciera Payton says as Williams. "I'm gonna come in like a hurricane." In case you're wondering, Williams is fully on board with Payton's version of her, previously telling director Darren Grant, "She looks and acts so much like me. Like, she got it." We can't wait to feel the force of hurricane Wendy when the movie premieres on Jan. 30. Until then, you can catch a glimpse of all the drama (and mess) in the full trailer above.

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