The Trailer For Elite Season 2 Is Full of Drama, Drama, Drama

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Are you ready for Elite to fill your life with another eight episodes worth of highly bingeable drama? Hopefully you answered that with an enthusiastic "hell yes," because the trailer for the new episodes is packed with lies, revenge, love, and potentially, another murder.

The show is returning for season two on Sept. 6, which Netflix confirmed with a date announcement video back on Aug. 6. The moody teaser featured the cast (which now includes some new faces) moving around in an ominously red-lit hallway, while the new trailer, above, makes the season two story a bit clearer.

As a reminder, Samuel's brother, Nano, is arrested for the death of Marina at the end of season one, even though Polo is the true murderer. The new episodes will see Samuel trying to get justice for Nano, which proves hard since everyone at school thinks his brother actually did it (especially Guzmán, who we all know has some anger management issues).

Luckily. it won't be all gloom and doom — it seems Omar and Ander and still very much together (yay!) and Guzmán's red-hot flirtation with Nadia is teased throughout the trailer. Needless to say, we're more than ready for the horniest teen drama on TV to return.