Ramy: Hulu's New Series Tackles the Complexity of a First Gen Muslim-American Experience

If you don't know who Ramy Youssef is, prepare to obsess. While some of you may recognize him from Mr. Robot, where he plays overzealous security analyst Samar Swailem, he's also built a successful career in stand-up. Now, Youssef is set to star in Hulu's new original series Ramy, premiering April 19.

The series is a 10-episode, half-hour comedy series that's written, executive produced, created by, and starring Youssef, along with Transparent alum Bridget Bedard serving as showrunner. Ramy takes us into the world of an average Muslim-American family navigating life in a politically divided New Jersey neighborhood, addressing real-world issues with a sense of humor. The series follows the titular Ramy (Youssef), the son of Egyptian immigrants, who finds himself on a roller coaster of conflicting emotions about his spiritual journey.

The trailer provides us with a real-world look into the life of a young Muslim in modern America, diving into the complexities of being caught in the middle of a Muslim community that thinks life is a moral test and a millennial generation that throws caution to the wind. The brief footage we have seen so far is sprinkled with a lot of humor and realness, so we couldn't be more excited.

Watch the trailer for Ramy above before it hits Hulu in April!