Holiday Rush: Netflix's New Christmas Movie Looks Like the Perfect Rom-Com For Music-Lovers

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Netflix has no shortage of holiday rom-coms headed your way in November and December, so we totally understand if you're already feeling a little overwhelmed by which ones you should take the time to watch. There's only so many "small town woman who swears she's not going to fall in love, who then falls in love with handsome stranger and also saves her bakery just in time for Christmas" plots we can take, you know? Luckily the streaming giant's upcoming original film starring Sonequa Martin-Green and Romany Malco looks like a winner.

Holiday Rush revolves around popular NYC-based radio DJ and widow Rush Williams (Malco, A Million Little Things), who unexpectedly loses his job right around Christmas when his spoiled kids hit him with a list of pricey gift requests. Fortunately, his resourceful producer, Roxy Richardson (The Walking Dead's Martin-Green), and his Aunt Jo (Darlene Love) come up with a plan to help him buy another station. The only catch? It means the Williams family will have to downsize their lavish lifestyle into something much simpler.

Can they do it? And will they be able to get through the holidays with their Christmas spirit intact? We can't wait to find out. Watch the trailer above before Holiday Rush begins streaming on Nov. 28!