Cancel Your Weekend Plans, Because Netflix Is Releasing Another Christmas Movie

Netflix is releasing its second original Christmas movie, called Christmas Inheritance, on Friday, Dec. 15, so consider your weekend plans officially set. The romantic comedy tells the story of heiress Ellen Langford (The 100's Eliza Taylor), who's about to inherit her father's gift company. Before she can do that, she has to deliver a special Christmas card to her dad's former partner by visiting his small hometown, Snow Falls (classic). On her sure-to-be-stressful journey, Ellen gets caught in a snowstorm and must stay at the town inn — where she's forced to work, too.

Naturally, she finds romance (you'll no doubt recognize her love interest, Jake Lacy, from his work in Girls and How to Be Single), learns about hard work, and — wait for it — discovers the true gift of Christmas, which we're betting is the real "inheritance." Cue the predictable-yet-appreciated cliches! We're definitely breaking out the Hallmark movie drinking game for this one.

Oh, and let's not forget the first Netflix original Christmas movie that's been a blessing to us all this holiday season: A Christmas Prince. Take my word for it — if you haven't watched this so-bad-it's-good instant classic, do yourself a favor and have a marathon with that one and Christmas Inheritance ASAP. Netflix truly is the gift that keeps on giving.