Westworld's Jeffrey Wright Stars in Netflix's New Psychological Horror Film, Hold the Dark

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The first trailer for Hold the Dark will leave you with your fair share of chills, and not just because it's set in Alaska.

Jeremy Saulnier's psychological thriller, which hits Netflix on Sept. 28, stars Westworld's Jeffrey Wright as retired wolf expert Russell Core, who receives a disturbing, desperate letter from a grieving mother (Riley Keough) who lives in a small Alaskan village. "Dear Mr. Core, three days ago my son Bailey was taken by wolves," she writes, as images of blood-soaked animals flash across the screen. "No one in the village will hunt them. My husband will come home from the war soon. I must have something to show him."

Russell agrees to go to the village and investigate the boy's disappearance and soon finds himself tangled up in a web far more dangerous than he ever could have expected. Alexander Skarsgard plays the boy's father, and though he's clearly not involved in his disappearance, he doesn't seem to be trustworthy, either. There's also the matter of a masked killer who appears to be stalking the town — which is "scattered with bodies," one woman remarks — and who the villagers seem keen on protecting.

Hold the Dark arrives on Netflix on Sept. 28.