The First Trailer For Netflix's Insatiable Will Make You Say, "What the Actual F*ck?"

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Netflix's lineup of original TV shows has really run the gamut as of late. From dark, controversial teen dramas (13 Reasons Why) to a truly delightful reboot of a reality TV classic (Queer Eye), the streaming giant clearly isn't afraid of embracing programs that take risks. Insatiable, a TV series that arrives on Aug. 10 and just released its first trailer (above), is definitely one of them.

The black comedy, billed as "a coming-of-rage story," stars Debby Ryan as Patty, an overweight teenager whose classmates cruelly ridicule her weight and appearance (hence her painfully unoriginal nickname, "Fatty Patty"). But after getting punched in the face by an adult man (uh, yeah), Patty has her jaw wired shut, loses all the weight, and decides to get revenge on everyone who's done her wrong. Highlights include toying with the possibility of lighting the man who punched her on fire, punching a few people in the face herself, and becoming a beauty queen.

Her "insatiable" need for vengeance — which, ultimately, is because she can't get over how hot she is now — leads her to cross paths with lawyer/beauty pageant coach Bob (Dallas Roberts); his wife, Coralee (Alyssa Milano); and a nasty fellow beauty queen (Irene Choi), among others. Check out the first wild trailer for the series above before it hits Netflix in a few weeks.