Sacha Baron Cohen Goes Deep Undercover in the Nerve-Racking Trailer For Netflix's The Spy

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Emmy-nominated actor Sacha Baron Cohen (Who Is America?) is putting his dramatic chops to the test in Netflix's upcoming political thriller The Spy.

In the first trailer for the series, which begins streaming on Sept. 6, the Borat star steps into the shoes of Israeli clerk turned secret agent Eli Cohen, in a true story based on the real life of the notorious Mossad agent. Throughout the 1960s, Eli leaves behind his wife, Nadia (Homeland's Hadar Ratzon Rotem), and children to go deep undercover in Syria, gradually finding it harder and harder to distinguish his secret identity from reality. Will the blurred lines between his job and his family lead to his downfall? Or will he be able to pull himself out of the dangerous spiral his job has sucked him into?

The series is written and directed by Emmy winner Gideon Raff (Homeland) and also stars Noah Emmerich, Nassim Si Ahmed, Mourad Zaoui, and Waleed Zuaiter, among others. Watch the nerve-racking trailer above, then check out all the other true stories being brought to life on screen this year.