We Found the Ridiculously Catchy Song in Safe's Opening Credits For You

A good set of opening credits in a TV show has become a lost art. Remember the early days of Grey's Anatomy, when Psapp's "Cosy in the Rocket" would play over a medical montage? Or even the the more recent Jessica Jones, which has a truly great, purple-themed noir opener done in stunning watercolors? Now, Netflix's Safe might not boast as elaborate a credit sequence, but it does have an excellent song to back them up.

Barns Courtney's "Glitter & Gold" blasts as smoky, inky swirls float across the screen on top of images of a seemingly quaint British neighborhood. The catchy rock song is the perfect accompaniment for the credits, which highlight how not all is as it seems in Safe.

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The British mystery series stars Michael C. Hall as Tom, a British surgeon and widower whose teenage daughter goes missing from a party in their quiet neighborhood. The distressed father subsequently goes on a mission to find her, leading him to unearth quite a few devastating secrets about the people who live nearby. The twists and turns each episode takes creates an immensely addictive mystery. It's no wonder why Safe has become one of our favorite new shows of the Summer.