Everything We Know About the Actual Plot of True Detective Season 3

When True Detective season two wrapped up in 2015, we didn't know what the future held for the HBO series. Reviews were pretty mixed about the second season, even with its star-studded cast of Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Kitsch.

But HBO announced that the show is coming back, and in February, we finally got word about who would star in season three. With Moonlight Oscar winner Mahershala Ali getting top billing in the upcoming season, we have no doubt that the new story arc is going to be amazing. Now that we finally have a trailer, a few more details about the much-anticipated season have started to materialize.

The new season takes places in the Ozarks, and Ali stars as Wayne Hays, a police detective in Northwest Arkansas. It looks like the writers have taken a page out of season one's playbook, and the story move around through different timelines. Detective Hays is tasked with solving the disappearance of two children in 1980 — a case which has burdened him well into his older years. "This peace is more haunting than anything. I want to know the whole story," he says in the trailer.

And we can assume that's exactly what will take place in this season: Hays will piece together clues from his initial run on the case years ago with his investigative skills in the current timeline. Other details have been pretty scarce. We know that Ray Fisher plays Hays's son, Freddy Burns, Carmen Ejogo (Selma) plays Amelia Reardon, a schoolteacher with a connection to the children's disappearance, and Hays's partner is played by Stephen Dorff (Immortals). Based off the trailer, it looks like we have a villain as awful as the dreaded Yellow King in season one. The potential serial killer seems to taunt detectives by leaving notes at the crime scenes from cut-up magazine clippings.

The Nic Pizzolatto-directed third season will premiere in January 2019, so you'll have to hold on a little longer for the final unveiling. Until then, here's the trailer.

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