Dawson's Creek Is Coming to Netflix, but Don't Expect to Sing Along to the Original Theme Song

Netflix is taking us back to Capeside! On Oct. 19, the streamer announced that The WB's classic coming-of-age drama Dawson's Creek would be making its onsite debut on Nov. 1. That's right, the drama that gave us *thee* James Van Der Beek crying meme will be at the fingertips of every Netflix subscriber starting next month!

It's been over 20 years since Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery), Katie Holmes (Joey Potter), Joshua Jackson (Pacey Witter), and Michelle Williams (Jen Lindley) first graced the TV screen together, but fans will forever treasure the torrid romances, musical moments, heartbreak, and "Creek-speak" that the series gave us for six seasons. There's only one catch here, and, as Netflix made sure to mention before anyone could call it out come Nov. 1, the episodes will not feature the series's iconic theme song "I Don't Want to Wait" by Paula Cole. Instead, it'll probably open with "Run Like Mad" by Jann Arden as it does on other streaming platforms.

But that's alright! We can still enjoy the drama and shenanigans of our favorite Capeside residents without the show's admittedly perfect theme song. But if you find yourself truly missing the dulcet tones of Cole, you're always welcome to play the music video before the beginning of each episode. Either way, you can find us getting lost in our Joey/Pacey feels when Dawson's Creek drops on Nov. 1!