13 Reasons Why: Where the Show Is Filmed, So You Can Plan a Bus Tour

If you're so obsessed with 13 Reasons Why that you're considering packing up and moving to the small town where the show takes place, we can help you. Both seasons of the show were shot entirely in Northern California, though not in the same location. The majority of scenes were filmed in Vallejo, and the crew also traveled to Mill Valley, San Rafael, Petaluma, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Mount Diablo, and Sebastapol. Most of these places (save for Mount Diablo, in the East Bay area) are north of San Francisco. The cast even posted a bunch of pictures of themselves hanging out around the city during production last year. Here they are bonding at AT&T Park:

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Adorable. In case you're wondering (or planning on checking out the real-life locations), here's the breakdown of where everything takes place:

  • Vallejo: Monet's, Liberty High (interior shots, from a soundstage), The Crestmont, Baker's Drug Store
  • Mill Valley: Cemetery
  • San Rafael: Neighborhood scenes, the playground, Clay's house
  • Petaluma: Walplex (the store from season one, which doesn't actually exist FYI)
  • Corte Madera: Neighborhood scenes
  • Larkspur: Neighborhood scenes
  • Mount Diablo: Clay and Tony's season one rock climbing scene
  • Sebastapol: Liberty High (exterior shots, taken at Analy High School)
  • Crockett: The hill that overlooks Eckley Pier and the Carquinez Bridge and Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge

If you want to get real technical, you can look up some of the street addresses, which is how I spotted this gem of a Google Maps image in front of Clay's house.