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Who Dies in You Season 2?

RIP to All These Characters That Died in Season 2 of You

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Who Dies in You Season 2?
Image Source: Netflix

If you're feeling shook after watching season two of You, then same. As expected, the Netflix thriller starring Penn Badgely was full of deceit and murder. Not so surprisingly, Joe (aka Will) wasn't the only one doing the killing. Plot twists reveal his sweet and innocent girlfriend Love isn't the angel she appears to be. From what it seems, Joe has finally found someone who is just as twisted as he is to live happily ever after with in the end. Lucky for fans, the last episode has a major cliffhanger that presents a lot of potential for a third season. A lot of characters were killed off in season two, so here's a roundup of the ones who won't make it in any future episodes.

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