Yes, You Do Recognize This End of the F***ing World​​​ Star From Black Mirror

Netflix recently debuted a dark comedy following two unconventional teenagers who fall in love while on a road trip, and we're already hooked. Alex Lawther portrays one of the troubled teenagers in The End of the F***ing World, specifically a self-proclaimed psychopath named James who plans on executing his new girlfriend. Yikes!

Now that everyone is glued to the brand-new series, some people are scratching their heads wondering where they recognize the psychopathic protagonist from. He looks so familiar, right? Well, turns out he appears in the third season of Black Mirror.


Lawther stars in the third episode of the season, called "Shut Up and Dance." The narrative is set in a relatively normal world. Kenny is furious after his sister Lindsay infects his laptop with malware, and he downloads a supposed "anti-malware" program which is anything but. What the program actually does is allow a team of hackers to tap into his camera who force him to fulfill a crazed, chaotic series of demands in order to prevent an, erm, private video of himself from being leaked to the public.

I'm not going to spoil the ending for those who haven't seen it (in which case, what are you even doing??), but the episode is quite the adventure — much like his new series.