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Nicole Richie Rapping Videos

Let Nicole Richie's Alter Ego, Nikki Fre$h, Give You the Laugh You Need

Nicole Richie Rapping Videos
Image Source: Quibi

Allow us to introduce you to Nikki Fre$h (yes, with a dollar sign). Fre$h is Nicole Richie's gardening/rap alter ego, who recently launched her own semi-self-titled show on Quibi. The series follows Richie Fre$h as she strives to make "conscious trap" a thing. But what's "conscious trap," you ask? Well, in the words of Fre$h, it's basically music for everyone, "teachers, rabbis, Virgos, but mostly moms and gays." "I'm bringing a voice to our planet: plants, bees, interspecies," she says in the first episode of the Quibi show. "Wellness has a new voice."

We'll admit that Fre$h's "socially conscious and educational rhymes" are actually pretty good — she's got bars! In fact, she even produced music videos for each of the songs featured on the show with the help of husband Joel and brother-in-law Benji Madden's MDDN production company. Unfortunately, the videos aren't available anywhere else but the series; however, the songs are on Spotify. In honor of Fre$h's debut on Quibi, check out all the times Richie proved she was born to be a "trap star" ahead.

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