John Paul Jones Is Headed to Bachelor in Paradise, and We Couldn't Be More Stoked

Everyone else can move aside, because our man John Paul Jones is headed to Mexico to find love on Bachelor in Paradise. During this week's "Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette, John Paul Jones and Chris Harrison revealed that the memorable contestant from Hannah Brown's season has another chance at finding love. If you're not yet familiar with this wildly funny lover of chicken nuggets, here's a little more about him.

According to his official ABC bio, John Paul Jones is a 24-year-old financial analyst. His home state is Maryland, and his "favorite drink is Champagne," naturally.

And if it wasn't clear enough from his first meeting with Hannah, during which he asked her to refer to him as John Paul Jones, he chose to use that as one of his three facts on the Bachelorette's website, too. Along with his affinity for Champagne and his love of multisyllabic words, the contestant submitted this sentence: "When referring to John Paul Jones, always use his full name: John Paul Jones." The first rule of John Paul Jones: always refer to him as John Paul Jones. (At least it's better than Cam's declaration that he has to Always Be Cam?)

John Paul Jones's Instagram handle befits his title, too: he posts on the social media site as @johnpauljonesjohnpauljones. The Bachelorette contestant only has a few Instagram posts, but they show he has a sense of humor when he's not demanding to be called by his full name.

Some of John Paul Jones's other Instagram posts include a throwback to his and his family members' baby photos, a picture of him and some friends wearing towels and togas, and a shot of him running in what appears to be a marathon. He definitely seems like the "work hard, play hard" type.

During a live video posted to YouTube ahead of the show's season 15 premiere, host Chris called John Paul Jones "a mood." He also compared the contestant to Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, so take that as you will. "JPJ isn't as much a contestant on the show as much as he is a mood," Chris said in the video. "He's a way of life."

We can't wait to have more John Paul Jones on our screens when Bachelor in Paradise kicks off on Aug. 5!