Newcomer and Hottie David Corenswet Steals the Show Right Off the Bat in The Politician

Netflix's The Politician is finally here, and, well, I basically binge-watched the whole thing already. Immediately in episode one, I fell in love with David Corenswet as River. I won't give anything away (because you should absolutely watch this show!), except that he shares a sweet kiss with Payton (Ben Platt) and tells him he's going to change the world while wiping away his tears.

River is far and wide my favorite character on this show, not to mention this might just be Corenswet's big break. He is very much a newcomer to Hollywood and credits his part in Affairs of State as his first big role out of school. Funny enough, it's also a political piece, just like The Politician, and he even noted in an interview at the premiere that he very much enjoys politics and keeping up with current events. He's had other small roles in various TV shows and series, as well as done some behind-the-scenes work on a few projects.

The real gem of Corenswet's career, though, is the web series Moe & Jerryweather that he hosted with his friend Adam Langdon. You can find their old comedy videos on their Vimeo page, and it will give you just a taste of how funny Corenswet can be, which seems promising for his role in Ryan Murphy's Netflix creation.

The handsome actor — no, really, he looks like a combination of Tom Welling and Henry Cavill — joins an already star-studded cast in Murphy's new show, including Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lucy Boynton, and Zoey Deutch. We can't wait to see what's in store for Corenswet IRL, but in the meantime, let's enjoy some of his best Instagram pictures, shall we?