"The Woman in the House": What Is Lisa Hiding?

When life gives you new neighbors, you might just find yourself caught up in solving a gruesome murder mystery and accidentally making yourself a suspect. At least that is if you're Anna Fox from Netflix's "The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window." The dark comedy thriller is a well-crafted parody of the traditional murder-mystery genre, laced with subtle innuendos and plot twists so bizarre we could hardly keep up with what we were seeing. But at the center of the twisted series is a crime so elusive that it consumes Anna's entire life: the murder of her neighbor Lisa, aka Chastity.

Who Is Chastity in "The Woman in the Window"?

Anna first meets Lisa when she goes across the street to deliver a casserole to her neighbor Neil, a charming single dad. Before she's able to get to the front door, she runs into a woman in a flight attendant's outfit who introduces herself as Lisa, Neil's girlfriend. Anna quickly becomes jealous of Lisa's relationship with Neil and begins to watch her from the windows of her house, muttering about Lisa's seemingly perfect life as she sips on endless glasses of red wine.

Anna's hatred for Lisa develops into an unhealthy obsession and fantasies of running her over with her car. But shortly after meeting Lisa, Anna looks out her window one evening to see her with a gash in her throat and blood dripping down her clothes. Despite calling the cops and alerting Neil, no one believes Anna about Lisa's murder. Neil even insists Lisa is on a flight to Seattle and was in contact with him after the supposed murder. Frustrated and filled with doubt, Anna sets out to solve Lisa's murder herself.

A few nights later, an intruder named Rex Bakke sneaks up on Anna and forces her inside of her house. Rex explains that Lisa's real name is Chastity and that they'd been working together for years to scam wealthy men out of their money. Neil was Lisa's next target, and Rex was worried Chastity was going to keep Neil's money for herself because he'd fallen out of contact with her recently. Anna is hesitant to believe Rex, but once Chastity's dismembered body is found in a nearby forest and officers conduct a thorough investigation, they confirm that Rex's story is true.

Who Killed Chastity, aka Lisa?

During the finale of "The Woman in the House," secrets unravel and Anna discovers that there's been one killer behind the murders of Chastity, Neil, Neil's late wife, Meredith, and Emma's teacher all along: Emma. In a flashback sequence before she attempts to kill Anna, Emma reveals that Lisa refused to buy the candy bars she was selling for school, telling her that "sugar is the worst thing you can put in your body." Enraged, Emma grabs a knife from the kitchen and slices Chastity's throat. After Anna witnesses Chastity, aka Lisa, bleeding in the window, Emma drags Chastity's body around in her candy bar wagon and steals Anna's palette knife to frame her for the murder.

So, no, Chastity was never as perfect as Anna believed her to be, but neither was Emma or anyone else in their deceitfully quiet suburb.