Exclusive: Liza and Kelsey Want to Return to Their Publishing Roots in Younger Sneak Peek

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Younger is certainly taking us on a wild ride in its final season — there's no shortage of glamorous events, generational jokes, and a seemingly neverending will they/won't they love story. In last week's episode, we saw Liza (Sutton Foster) struggling with Charles (Peter Hermann) and Quinn's (Laura Benanti) newly minted romance and book drama along the way. Thanks to the clip above, we have an exclusive peek at Liza's next move.

In the video, Liza and Kelsey (Hilary Duff) birth the idea of a cool underground event called Inkubator with the help of Josh (Nico Tortorella) and Lauren (Molly Bernard). To remind them of "why they fell in love with publishing in the first place," the editors cook up a plan to invite unpublished writers to a secret party at Josh's place. "It's gotta be cool or there's gonna be a line of boomers out the door," Kelsey added, as they threw a game plan together. No word yet on whether Liza will expose Quinn's secret, but we'll find out soon enough on Thursday.

Check out the scene above, and tune into the Younger episode, "The F Word," on Paramount+ on April 29.