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10-Year-Old Boy Finds Out Mom Is Having Twins

Totally Chill 10-Year-Old Loses It When He Finds Out His Mom Is Expecting Twin Girls

When 10-year-old Ryan found out that he was going to be a big brother, he was in such shock that he pretty much didn't react at all, but the second he found out he was going to be a big brother to twin girls, he lost it. Ryan's mom captured her son, who may just be the chillest child we've seen in our lives, as she told him he was getting younger siblings. First, Ryan got a t-shirt with the words "only child" crossed out above the words "big brother" in capital letters.

He was completely shell-shocked, but as his parents gave him a second gift, which were two pink onesies for his twin baby sisters, that's when reality hit him. "YOU HAVE TWINS?" Ryan screamed before breaking down in tears.

Our hearts! The video was initially recorded in 2015, and Ryan's mom says he has been an amazing brother. "Always patient and willing to do anything to make his sisters happy," she wrote on YouTube. "He is always singing to them!" Below, check out a more recent clip of Ryan and his baby sisters, Daisy Sky and Dalila Moon.

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