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1950s Baby Names

Judy, Marilyn, and Gene: 40 Baby Names From the 1950s

What comes to mind when you think of the 1950s? Perhaps housewives with perfectly coiffed hair, vintage dresses à la Betty Draper, and killer casserole recipes. Or maybe you think of jukeboxes, drive-in movie theaters, and the birth of rock and roll thanks to Little Richard, Buddy Holly, and the king himself, Elvis Presley. And how about Old Hollywood glamour in films like East of Eden or Father of the Bride? The 1950s were marked by traditional values, American dominance on the world stage, and works of art that would define the decade — but if you're not also thinking about the names that came out of this iconic period, then you're missing out on inspiration from greats including Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, and Gene Kelly. Read ahead for 40 baby names guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Girl Names

  1. Linda
  2. Sandra
  3. Deborah
  4. Cheryl
  5. Nancy
  6. Donna
  7. Janet
  8. Judy
  9. Betty
  10. Connie
  11. Peggy
  12. Marilyn
  13. Wanda
  14. Frances
  15. Darlene
  16. Sheila
  17. Dorothy
  18. Marcia
  19. Renee
  20. Jeanette

Boy Names

  1. Dennis
  2. Jerry
  3. Bruce
  4. Gerald
  5. Russell
  6. Rodney
  7. Howard
  8. Kerry
  9. Kirk
  10. Lester
  11. Perry
  12. Wesley
  13. Kurt
  14. Gene
  15. Herbert
  16. Kelly
  17. Guy
  18. Joel
  19. Clarence
  20. Harvey
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