This 7-Foot Hairy Spider Lights Up — Good Grief, the Neighbors Are Gonna Hate You

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Good readers of POPSUGAR, I write this post to you while hiding underneath my desk swathed in protective blankets because I'm absolutely terrified of this 7' Spider with LED Eyes Halloween Decoration ($47) that I've been staring at on The Halloween decoration has six eyes that illuminate with LED lights (why six? Do spiders have six eyes?!) and is battery-powered, so it can stay lit for six hours on your lawn while you horrify the neighbors and their families (and me). It's also hairy-looking, because being 7-feet isn't creepy enough — it has to have hair on it too! The product description says it's suitable for outdoors or indoors, but I can't for the life of me imagine why you'd want to bring this inside — unless, of course, you want to terrify your children. In which case, have at it! It's Halloween, after all.