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9-Year-Old Reporter Responds to Critics of Her Newspaper

The Reason This 9-Year-Old Released a Video to Defend Herself After Breaking Local Crime News

Nine-year-old Hilde Kate Lysiak may only be in the third grade, but she's already following in the footsteps of her reporter dad, Matthew Lysiak, by running her own newspaper, Orange Street News. The young girl started her paper at the age of 7, breaking the news of the birth of her sister, and just two years later, she broke the news of a local murder — before any of her competitors.

Hilde published her story, "EXCLUSIVE: MURDER ON NINTH STREET!," early on the morning of April 2, after getting a tip that there was some police activity a few blocks from her house. She went down to the scene and, like any good reporter would do, collected quotes and information from witnesses and police officers before publishing her straightforward report.

Then, on Saturday night, the OSN Facebook page received a ton of criticism, including comments such as: "I'm disgusted that this cute little girl thinks she's a real journalist. What happened to tea parties?" and "9-year-old girls should be playing with dolls, not trying to be reporters." Hilde, who exhibits a ton of professionalism despite her young age, decided it best to respond to the critics directly, which can be seen in the video above.

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