This New Dad Fears He Will Become a Single Parent

In the 16th episode of 9 Months With Courteney Cox, we get an unfiltered look into the pregnancies of four diverse families. Lauren and Steve, a couple who learned of their pregnancy and a breast cancer diagnosis at the same time, finally bring their premature-born daughter home. With Adelyn out of the NICU and in Lauren's arms, her mother begins to focus on her daughter and not on her cancer. But Steve anxiously awaits the PET scan results, and the idea that he might become a single dad looms over him.

We also catch up with Paula, whose C-section was successful. After 50 years, Paula is finally a mother with twin girls by her side.

In Massachusetts, Jessie, a surrogate pregnant with triplets, is forced onto bed rest. Not long after, she heads into the delivery room and prepares for the arrival of Adam and Jay's children. Brandi, coparenting with her gay best friend, Lawrence, also goes into labor and gives birth to a boy, coincidentally on National Coming Out Day.

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