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Adult Play-Doh Surprise Easter Eggs

This Grown-Up Parody of Those Surprise Egg Videos Is a Hysterical Gift to All Parents

Play Dough Surprise Egg For Adults: Easter

You've seen the play dough surprise egg videos for toddlers, but have you seen ours for adults? This one is Easter-themed! We're celebrating the upcoming release of our book Nobody Likes A Cockblock on April 5th. Preorder your copy:

Posted by Nobody Likes A Cockblock on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If you're a parent with a good sense of humor, this Easter video is for you!

Forget the Play-Doh surprise eggs for kiddos, this Spring, every mama needs to get her hands on one of these adult treats. In this hysterical video, posted on Nobody Likes a C*ckblock's Facebook page, you're introduced to how amazing it can be if the Easter bunny leaves some goodies for mommy too. From the hysterical commentary like, "It's purple — reminds me of my nipples after breastfeeding. I still feel it on cold days . . . " to the age-appropriate alcoholic surprises, every parent can get behind this grown-up video. Check it out, and be warned: even if this clip makes you rethink ever feeding your little ones a beet salad, prepare to laugh until it hurts!

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