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If Adults Acted Like Toddlers Video

The Next Time Someone Asks Why You're Exhausted, Show Them This

If Adults Acted Like Toddlers

If Aduts acted like toddlers! Parents of young children, next time someone asks you why you're constantly exhausted, show them this! To order my book:

Posted by Kristina Kuzmic on Saturday, May 20, 2017

Do you have that well-meaning friend who always seems so dumbfounded as to why you are always a) exhausted, b) late for something, or c) exhausted?

The hilarious Kristina Kuzmic has dutifully created a video to explain why parents of toddlers are the tired, frazzled excuses for human beings you see before you. From the sh*t that goes on in their bathroom when they aren't looking to the obnoxiously indecisive demands made over a shopping cart ("I want to get innnnn!" followed immediately by "I want to get ouuuuuut!"), this is proof that if adults acted like 2-year-olds, the world would undoubtedly explode.

Does that answer your question, well-meaning friend?!

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