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Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Baby Shower

Jump Down the Rabbit Hole For a Mad Hatter Tea Party Baby Shower

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Baby Shower

What a journey A & K Lolly Buffet took guests on for this Mad Hatter-themed baby shower! The three sisters based in Western Sydney, Australia, took guests on a wild ride that had them feeling like they were really having tea with the Mad Hatter at one mom-to-be's baby shower.

"Jessie's partner, Marc, wanted to surprise her with an extraordinary lolly [dessert] buffet," Astra told us. "He mentioned that Jessie likes Alice in Wonderland and would appreciate something 'off-center.' Alice in Wonderland has, in itself, a very quirky and whimsical theme. It is very inspiring! We based our table concept and designs from the story, characters, and quotes from the book. We challenged ourselves to bring to life the world of Alice in Wonderland on the dessert table."

And bring it to life they did! Let loose and take a dive down this rabbit hole to see all of the unbelievable details the A & K ladies brought to life at this shower — as well as the guest of honor's reaction to seeing it all!

Source: A & K Lolly Buffet

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