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Amy Schumer Sitting on the Toilet After Delivery

This Picture of Amy Schumer on the Toilet Following Delivery Perfectly Captures the Hellstorm of It All, but Also, Her Socks

New mom Amy Schumer has always kept it real throughout her pregnancy, often sharing the ugly truth about what it's like to suffer through hyperemesis gravidarum, and even in the days following the birth of her son, Gene, she's been reflecting on her delivery experience. On Mother's Day, she wrote on Instagram about how women are truly the sh*t, and not long after, she posted an even more honest pic, this time of herself sitting on the toilet. She is not amused.

If you've delivered a child, then you know that this picture perfectly captures the emotional and physical state mothers are often in following delivery. Amy's left arm looks as though it's holding onto the metal grab bar on the wall, which is a necessity in order to brace yourself for sitting on the toilet. Her hair is a massive clump of sweat twirled in the back of her head, she's still connected to IV bags, which she had to wheel into the bathroom, and her socks . . . oh, her socks. Those nonslip freebies they give you after they admit you into the hospital are on upside down, with the nonslip part on top. Because at that point, after you've pushed out a baby, the fact that you even have socks on is an achievement. (To be fair: they could be double-sided nonslip socks!) Amy's caption to this image is just icing on top: "Milf alert 1 o'clock."

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