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Anna Saccone Miscarriage YouTube Video

Why This Popular YouTube Blogger Is Opening Up About Her Miscarriage

Anna Saccone is a mother of two and a popular lifestyle YouTube blogger based in Surrey, England. Saccone was 11 weeks pregnant with her third child when she found out that she had a missed miscarriage — and now she's opening up about it, hoping that other women who have experienced miscarriages will feel comforted.

In her latest YouTube video, the blogger explains how her baby stopped growing at six weeks; however, she carried it for 11 weeks because she was still experiencing pregnancy symptoms and doctors weren't sure if she had miscarried or if her timeline was off. She explained, "It took my body that long to register that the pregnancy is no longer viable."

After returning from a two-week vacation in Orlando, FL, Saccone experienced some spotting and a subsequent doctor's visit proved that her baby had, in fact, stopped progressing.


Since her doctors had previously expressed concern, Saccone said she was already grieving during the two weeks she was away. She explained, "At the time I really hated the woman that did my scan because she was so blunt and abrupt about it." Adding, "Looking back, I'm kind of glad that she was that way because it almost prepared me. I grieved so much in those two weeks because I wasn't sure if the baby was alive or dead."

Saccone then explained the very difficult events that ensued, from painful cramping and bleeding to not being able to play with her two children. She credited her honesty about the whole experience to the fact that she had a hard time finding relatable information about miscarriages online.

"The stuff that was out there was just like those stock images and a person talking about the facts," she said. "That made me really sad because if you look at all the comments in these videos or blog posts or forum posts or anything about miscarriage, you realize that so many women go through it and it's actually way more common than people think. I never thought it would happen to me and it did."

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