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Baby Names Based on How Baby Was Conceived

LOL! Parents Share What Their Baby's Name Would Be Based on Their Conception

Whether your little one was conceived on purpose or was more of an "oops" baby, each child has some kind of conception story that you may or may not openly share with people. However, Bunmi Laditan, the hilarious mom behind Honest Toddler, is forcing those stories out of parents in the most hilarious way: by asking moms and dads to share their baby's "name" based on how they came to be.

"If we named kids after the reason we had them it'd be like, 'Hey Marital Problems, stop hitting Broken Condom, I'm trying to put Hennessy down for a nap,'" read Laditan's Nov. 22 tweet, which has been replied to nearly 300 times with some of the most hilarious "baby names" we've ever heard. Scroll through to see the names that have us cracking up.

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