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Baby Shark Christmas Lights Display

Family Rigs Their Christmas Lights to Flash to the Tune of "Baby Shark" Because Why Not

If you naively thought you could avoid "Baby Shark," well, sorry, but you can't. There's just no way. It hasn't even reached its full saturation point, and it's everywhere. Even in Christmas lights, which, last I checked, weren't audible.

A family in Texas, however, decided to add some music to their home's holiday decorations, and of course they opted for the most painfully addictive song of 2018.

According to KENS5 News, the Hinojosas synced all 100,000 lights in their epic display to flash to the beat of the song, and even for parents who don't think their brains can take one more rendition, it's oddly mesmerizing. This isn't homeowner Benjo Hinojosa's first foray into monumental feats of light and sound: he and his family have been doing a themed holiday light show for the past four years (last Christmas was a tribute to Selena and Coco).

But before you go chastising this family for getting even more "doo do do, do do, do doos" stuck in your brain, remind yourself that they do it to raise money for charity. Save the sharks, anyone?

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