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The Barbie Project

Parents, Just Let Your Kids Play With Barbies

Over the years, Barbie has become one of the most controversial items in the toy store. From her unrealistic proportions to her antifeminist attitude, the doll has been deemed a bad role model for young girls — and even boys. In an effort to erase this negative stereotype, Mattel launched The Barbie Project, a video that documents how children actually play with their dolls.

"Don't tell kids how to play with Barbies," the campaign slogan says. "Let them show us." And that's exactly what the kids did. When left alone, minus the hidden camera, children had their dolls take on a variety of roles such as teacher, veterinarian, superhero, and even a lizard monster. Mattel hopes the video shows that Barbie, like any other toy, is used based on the child's imagination.

How does your child play with their Barbie?

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