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BatDad Video of Dad Who Dresses Like Batman

This Video Makes It Abundantly Clear What It'd Be Like If Your Dad Was Batman


Posted by Batdad on Friday, August 21, 2015

If you ever get the feeling that your kids are more impressed by the superheroes in their comic books than they are by you, well, this dad knows your struggle.

That's why he often dons the mask of Batman when interacting with his young son Ben . . . only they aren't fighting crime, unless eating boogers and going to the bathroom in the backyard qualify (which, in some states, just might).

Blake Wilson, the man behind BatDad, recorded the most banal of parenting situations, but thanks to his hilariously throaty caped-crusader voice and Ben's genuine, silly responses, the video compilation he created is laugh-out-loud funny. That's no doubt why this video has already racked up nearly 20 million views! It looks like BatDad (and his Robin-esque sidekick) needs to film a sequel.

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