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The Best Things About Having a Kid

31 Reasons Having a Kid Is the Best Thing Ever

The Best Things About Having a Kid

Having and raising a child is one of life's most beautiful experiences. But between sleepless nights, potty training, teaching a kid right from wrong, and the endless list of chores that keep the home running, it's easy to miss how truly amazing parenthood really is. Because even in the midst of the hustle and bustle, a kid can show us how to truly live and love, if only we stop to pay attention.

Yes, the days are busy. But having a child by your side means countless opportunities to dance, sing, laugh, and simply enjoy the small moments in life that mean the most.

No, having a kid doesn't do much for your bank account, but it does make your life infinitely richer. Keep reading for 31 reasons having a kid is simply the best.

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