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Birthday Party Pictures

Your Child's Birthday Party on Social Media vs. Reality

We are no strangers to over-the-top children's parties. We feature them on the site, seek them out on social media, and even throw a few of our own. And while the final product may scream Pinterest perfection, we know that things on Instagram aren't always what they seem. Slide the bar from left to right to see the reality of kid-friendly affairs versus what parents post on social media.

Source: Flickr user cpkatie


Thank goodness for the friend who doubles as a designer.

Source: Instagram user lou_ie_a, Instagram user royalflairevents


When all your DIY attempts fail, there's always Party City.

Source: Instagram user crookkids, Instagram user kaylaziewacz

Face Paint

Some things, like turning your child into a tiger, are best left to the professionals.

Source: Flickr user trustypics, Flickr user Mickie Quick


Why make what you can buy from the local bakery, right?

Source: Instagram user kdaugette, Instagram user lillydeescakes


Never, ever let your child see a clown who's off the clock.

Source: Flickr user *bri*, Flickr user B.K. Dewey

Guest of Honor

Make sure to snap a photo of the birthday boy before his sugar high wears off.

Source: Flickr user kennethkonica, Flickr user Micah Taylor

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