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Bonding With Mom Friends

Why Mom Friends Are Important and How to Form Those Lasting Bonds

There's no guarantee that the friends you make before getting pregnant will be your friends for life, just like there's no way to know if the women you become close to during the start of your motherhood journey will be there toward the end. But these fellow moms that you befriend through mommy groups, school, and classes are important for however long you have them.

Not only are these women generally going through the same life experiences as you, but they also become an invaluable asset and support system during this new stage of your life. From sharing wisdom, support, compassion, and some game-changing hacks, these ladies can be indispensable.

Here's how to not only make mom friends, but to start forming lasting bonds.

  1. Put yourself out there. Entering into the world of mom friends is like starting at a new school — you get a fresh slate. The type of person you typically gravitate doesn't really matter, because no matter what type of mom you meet, you already have something universal in common (being a parent!). This makes starting that first conversation or extending that friendship olive branch even easier.
  2. Be vulnerable with new women. Don't be afraid to ask those awkward questions, confess those embarrassing mom fails, and vent about your biggest worries and insecurities. Chances are if you're having a problem with something, these fellow mamas have had similar issues, or know friends who have, and will be more than willing to help find a solutions for you.
  3. Play up the commonalities. When these friendships start, it's typically because you have certain things in common: your location, or your kids' ages or interests. As you start to get to know each other within these bubbles you can begin to rely and depend on each other because you know what the other is going through at least in relation to this one area of her life.
  4. Bond over the differences. After getting to know each other based on what you had in common that helped draw you together, revealing other sides of yourself is the next step in this friendship. Being able to share dissenting points of views, perspectives, and life experiences can make you even better friends.
  5. Invite others in. It's amazing how quickly friend groups and support systems can grow just from a simple invite and open attitude. After inviting one mom for coffee, you can go from feeling isolated to a group of two, and after a few more invitations, you may all of a sudden have a large group of women who have each others' backs.
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