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Books For Moms Summer 2018

15 Beach Reads That Distracted Moms Might Actually Be Able to Finish

Books For Moms Summer 2018
Image Source: Pixabay / TerriC

Reading a book on the beach is one of those activities that is sometimes better in theory than in actuality — especially if you're a mom. It's near impossible to concentrate on a nonfiction tome of Ulysses S. Grant when you're also trying to keep a gaggle of kiddies fed, entertained, slathered in sunscreen, and above water.

Even if the beach isn't the best place to make your way through the collected works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, there are still plenty of fabulous books you can enjoy without losing track your kids (or your mind). From historical romances, to scandalous mysteries to hysterical essay collections, here are 15 of our favorite beach reads that moms will love (and that your kids might actually let you finish).

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