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Boris & Horton Dog Cafe

A New Dog Cafe Will Feature Wine, Coffee, and Pups — in Other Words, It's Heaven

There are many ways to escape or bolster yourself up throughout the day, but the best involve snuggling with your pooch, sipping an energizing cup of java, or chilling out with a glass of vino. And now, you can do all three — plus enjoy other perks like pastries, beer, and avocado toast — in one place: Boris & Horton. It's a new dog-friendly cafe where you can enjoy a tasty treat while bonding with your pup or cuddling with someone else's.

The first-of-its-kind eatery is located in New York City's East Village and is being opened by a father-daughter team who named it after their own beloved pooches. They met the health department codes by adding a glass partition to divide the cafe into two separate spaces; one side serves the food while the other is a dog-friendly area for enjoying it. The soft open is happening momentarily, and the owners hope to have the cafe fully operational by the end of January.

The dog cafe is BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) — unlike the recent abundance of cat cafes that serve as the permanent residences for their feline stars — but it plans to host events with Bad Ass Brooklyn Animal Rescue for customers looking to adopt a furry companion. So whether you want to zone out to puppies playing or have a catch-up session with friends while your dog sleeps on your lap, Boris & Horton is the perfect place for yappy hour — because, let's be honest, dog owners, we all just want to uncork a bottle of Pino Gris after work, but Fido needs walking and we don't want to deal with the side-glances that bringing said bottle to the dog park elicit. Now all that's left is to figure out how you say "cheers" in canine . . .

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