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Boy Got Caught Peeing in a Drawer

You Can't Unsee the Aftermath of a Toddler Getting Caught Peeing in a Drawer

Phoebe Bartlett, a 21-year-old from England, knows Twitter gold when she sees it. And that's exactly why she posted a hilarious photo of her 3-year-old brother having a temper tantrum after getting caught peeing in a drawer by his mom. She tweeted out the photo with the caption: "Mum has just found a drawer full of piss that my 3-year-old brother has been pissing in and he blamed the dog HAHA!!!"

According to Phoebe's account, the source of the questionable, ahem, odor was a mystery for at least a few days:

And even though no parent ever wants to open that kind of drawer, it seems like everyone's getting a real kick out of the picture:

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