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Boy Grows His Hair Out For Cancer Survivors

Obsess Over This 10-Year-Old Boy Who Grew His Hair Out For 2 Years For Cancer Survivors

Two years ago, 8-year-old Thomas Moore saw his mother watching a video on Facebook about a young girl who lost her hair while battling cancer, and he was immediately moved. His mom, Angie Pulos, talked to her son about what cancer was and how chemotherapy can affect one's body, specifically hair loss. Thomas wanted to do something and came up with the idea to grow out his hair to give it to the girl he saw in the video.

Now, two years and a LOT of hair later, 10-year-old Thomas has cut his hair and is being praised for what we're calling the haircut heard around the world. What started as an incredibly compassionate idea for one girl has turned into a tear-jerking effort for multiple kids with cancer. Thomas's aunt Amber Ray posted the before-and-after photos on Twitter and explained that over two years, he grew enough hair to make three wigs!

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