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Boy Rushes the Court to Hug Carmelo Anthony

Watch as a Young Boy Runs Into the Middle of an NBA Game to Give Carmelo Anthony a Hug

In the final minute of Monday night's NBA game between the New York Knicks and the New Orleans Pelicans, a young boy rushed the court to give Carmelo Anthony a huge hug. Although sweet, the act is being seen as a security issue.

"How many times has a little boy come out and hugged you during a game?" a postgame reporter asked Anthony, who responded, "That's never happened . . . I was shocked." Surprised as he was, once Anthony realized it was just a kid grabbing him, he reacted by patting the child on the head and sending him on his way with the game official, who ushered him back into the stands.

Was this a security issue? Probably. Was it absolutely adorable? Definitely.

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