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Breastfeeding Mannequins in Colombia Shopping Mall

Breastfeeding Mannequins Are Here to Change Attitudes About Nursing

The largest shopping mall in Bogotá, Colombia, wants to normalize public breastfeeding once and for all. According to The Huffington Post, Centro Mayor has unveiled breastfeeding mannequins in several of its shopping stores this past April in hopes of ending the stigma of moms who breastfeed their children in public. The bold initiative was reportedly inspired by Amigos de la Lactancia (Friends of Breastfeeding), "a movement that supports moms who are attacked for feeding their babies in public."

The movement also invites other shopping centers to add their own mannequins and join them in changing negative attitudes about breastfeeding. Now this sounds like a movement we can all get behind. Read on to see another photo of the breastfeeding mannequin ahead.

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