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Brie Bella Quotes on Breastfeeding Struggles

Brie Bella Thought Pumping Would Be the Answer to Her Prayers — Until She Ended Up Hating It

Professional wrestler Brie Bella opened up about the challenges she's faced while trying to breastfeed her 1-year-old daughter, Birdie, in a clip of an upcoming episode of E!'s Total Divas. In the preview, Brie headed to a breastfeeding support group to work through some of her feelings on the matter, and what she had to say is so relatable.

"My breast milk's taken a huge dip," Brie explained. "I used to have enough where I donate. And now I've realized in the last month that I can't even keep up with her during the day so I've had to introduce one bottle of formula a day. I'm trying to pump and do all this stuff, but it's the stress. I hate pumping."

Brie went on to say that no matter what she does, she often feels inadequate. "The guilt always plays in," she said. "Mom guilt's the worst feeling in the world . . . I thought pumping could balance Birdie and my job, but it's not working. It's weird how you just constantly feel like you're failing."

Despite her setbacks, Brie said that being surrounded by mothers who are going through the same thing makes her emotions that much more tolerable.

"These women make me feel like it's OK if you don't want to breastfeed anymore or it's OK to still balance it," she said. "To have other women just be like, 'You do you. That's all you have to do.' I haven't felt that in a while, so it means a lot to me right now."

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