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Bulldog Wearing a Teddy Bear Costume

There’s a Video of a Dog Flopping Around in a Teddy Bear Halloween Costume, and Now Nothing Else Matters

When it comes to Halloween, there are a lot of traditions that make the holiday so much fun. Putting together unique group costumes, carving pumpkins, and even indulging in bite-sized chocolates typically top our lists, but nothing really overshadows the joy we get out of dressing up our pets. Those innocent little furballs love their owners dearly, which is what makes succumbing them to Halloween that much more fun. Instagram user Harp + Lola knows this to be true. In a popular Instagram post, Rebecca put her adorable bull dog Poppy in a teddy bear costume and whipped out her phone to document. Like a baby learning to walk, Poppy the puppy looks at Rebecca forlornly before taking her first few clumsy steps. Turn the volume up so you can hear the little feet flopping about. It's magic.

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